10 Daily habits that will instantly improve your life

1 hour of exercise 

Being active has been proven to play a vital role in staying healthy physically and mentally. These can be daily jogging, swimming, practicing yoga, cycling, or only a few push-ups and pull-ups in the garage. While it can be very challenging to start, you will realize that it is worth it once you there. Studies have shown that daily exercise will make you feel happier, more energized throughout the day, and more likely to help you feel more relaxed and have a better sleep quality overnight.

Fit girl exercising yoga

2 liters of water

Although the daily water intake varies from person to person, depending on their daily activity, weight, etc. On average, you should have around 2L per day. You less likely to have headaches; you will be more stress-resistant, have improved concentration. Water also helps you to avoid constipation as it aids digestion so you won't feel bloated. Before you ask, No coke, coffee, or black tea doesn't count, but some quality herbal tea brew does.

drink 2 liters of water per day

3 cups of tea

Drinking tea daily can be very beneficial for your health in the long-term and short-term. As mentioned above, it hydrates the body even if the water is the number one fluid, but tea can be a great alternative. If you are a heavy coffee drinker, you should consider switching on tea. Herbal teas and green tea can provide you loads of antioxidants and minerals vital for our bodies and daily functioning. Only after a few days, you will feel a lot more energetic. Your metabolism speeds up. According to some studies, you can burn up to 100 calories only by drinking a cup of tea per day.

girl drinks tearapy FiTea

4 colours on your plate

Every time you are prepping something, you should aim for at least 3 but 4 colors. The more colorful your dishes are, the chances are you are getting more various nutrients and vitamins from them. Ohh, we haven't meant jelly beans... Every meal should include some good sources of protein and carbs and some fibers and good fats. After two days of eating healthy and avoiding overeating, you will feel the difference and motivated to carry on.

healthy dish, eat healthy meals that have 4 colours

5 minutes of meditation

Spare 5 minutes sit down or stand in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Deeply inhale, hold your breath for a couple of seconds, then slowly exhale. Meditation will change your attitude towards life and set your mind for peace and harmony for the rest of the day. You might be suspicious at first, but this works like magic. As you clear your head while you meditate, you will find yourself more creative and focused throughout the day.

Girl meditates with her dog after drinking tearapy BeauTea

6 songs that motivate you

Many previous studies proved that even plants were grown 20% faster and healthier where they played music to them. It's a straightforward habit to implement as we all listen to the radio while driving, so next time try to select your music wisely as this can have a significant effect on how you feel. Music can reduce stress and anxiety, can be a subconscious training exercise for your brain that stimulates you to stay more focused and helps improve memory in the long-term.

girl listen to music and relax after she had a Tearapy Teatox tea

7 minutes of laughter

You know how good it feels when you are having a good, so why not do it often? Laughter eliminates anxiety and negative emotions towards others and yourself and makes you forget about anything that bothers you. Scientifically proven that laughter stimulates your body to produce more endorphins that deal with stress and pain, so it will make you feel good overall. Be careful where you laugh as it can be very contagious!

happy emojis, 7 minutes of laughter every day is good for you

8 hours sleep

While some say that 6 hours of sleep per night can be enough, that isn't wholly true as you might burn out after a while. It is essential to have a good quality of sleep as this can significantly determine your next day's performance, mood, and feel. We can get the best sleep when our circadian rhythm is at its lowest point, and that is between 5am and 9pm. The next time you are about to watch another movie or scroll your social media a little longer, take a determined decision, and go to sleep.

women sleeps deeply with her puppy after she had a Tearapy ResTea tea

9 pages of book

Majority of the people think that reading is boring, but simply because they haven't got the right book in their hands. Reading goes outdated as we can now find everything in video format, so why would we bother? But the truth is, while videos are more visual, yet they are a more passive experience. Reading increases everyday creativity, gives you a good and confident feel, and, last but not least, you will learn something new. If you read this article, it's already a good start.

girl reading a book while she's drinking a cup of Tearapy BoosTea tea

10 reasons to be thankful

As human beings by nature, we always want something better than what we have, and there is nothing wrong with that. We need to set goals, motivations in our lives that get us going, but we must spare a few minutes every day to appreciate what we already have or achieved. Every night before bed, review your day and find 10 reasons that you are grateful for. This exercise will help you be positive and happier overall. An impulse of positive emotion before bed will help you have a good sleep. Ohh, and we are not talking about winning  6 numbers in the lottery reasons.

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