About Us

Our Goal
We are a small batch tea company to deliver pure natural, high quality wellbeing, and herbal tea blends that improve people's lives.

"If tea can't fix it,
It's a serious problem."

We are passionate about teas, plants, herbs, roots, and their benefits for our life. The truth is that even today, some of the widely used medicines are extracts of natural plants and herbs. The great thing about teas is that they are the most natural way for our life improvement while enjoying a delicious cup of drink.
Herbal teas are a valuable resource for people who don't want to rely on pills for minor discomfort and ills. It's nice to have some simple solutions to make our everyday life easier and more natural in this complicated world, and we believe people should rely more on them.
Our herbal teas are an ideal way to get the healing power of herbs into your everyday diet. Drugless remedies, natural energy, pure and simple drinks that can provide effective support for the immune system and dramatically change your life quality.

Our Ingredients
All our products contain mostly organic ingredients without any artificial additives or flavours. All our products are suitable for vegans so we proudly consider ourselves a vegan brand.

What we believe in
Herbal teas have been making people heal and feel better for centuries, so let's use our inherited knowledge and implement it into our everyday life. Healthy means you are fresh physically and mentally, requiring a healthy lifestyle combined with a balanced diet, and that doesn't come overnight.
We believe in consistency, so 14 days miracles and easy fixes are not what we stand for Sorry.