Does Detox Diet Really Work?

Detoxification is an ongoing process done by several organs in our body, but mainly the liver, which aims to rid the body of harmful toxins, and heavy metals. However, our body can easily be overwhelmed with lousy diet habits, excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking, in which case self detoxification isn't enough anymore. If the body-detox balance is out of control in the long term, we might experience minor to even major discomforts and even illnesses.

Signs you need a Detox

• Skin problems (breakouts, rashes, acne)

• Food and scent intolerances

• Frequent cold and viruses due to low immunity in our body

• Tiredness and low energy even in the morning.

• Bloating and other digestive problems

• Constant sugar craving

• Lack of focus

The most popular ways to Detox

There are many ways of detox diet from minor meal modifications to the most radical ones that recommend you starve to "death". However, life is always about finding sweet spots and balance, as well as in Detox.

Below we have selected few examples of detox techniques that, combined, can be very effective:

• Clean diet for 2-3 weeks, serving your last meal before 7-8 pm at the latest.

• Increase your water intake, 2-3  detoxifying herbal/green tea a day, fresh fruit and vegetable juice (preferably green juice)

• Implementing a daily exercise routine of 15-30 mins.

• Eliminating consumption of alcohol, coffee (if possible), trans fats, and refined sugars.

Duration of Detox diet

Some supplements promise you quick fixes within 3-14 days but remember you are just assisting your body to do the job for you, so take your time and complete a 20-30 day program. 

How often do you Detox?

There is no script to follow as this depends on age, diet, lifestyle, but it can be mighty if we rest our body at least twice a year.

Benefits of a Detox diet

• Switching to a more balanced and healthy diet

• Losing excessive fat

• Limiting stress, getting good sleep

• Enhanced immune system

• Feeling more energised 

• Cleaner healthier skin within three weeks already

Side effects of Detox

There are no side effects but benefits known whatsoever. 

At-risk population groups like children, pregnant women, or people with medical conditions should consult their doctor before starting a detox program.

Bottom Line

While many processed supplements claim to be very effective, remember the more natural, the better that is why we vote for herbal teas and natural techniques. You aim to get rid of toxins rather than accumulate them.


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